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11836 Holtville Road
Deatsville, AL, 36022
United States


Meet The Staff

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Chris & JoAnna Kempter

The eldest employee of Kempter Kustoms is Jo. She handles shipping and tries to keep the madness organized as best she can, which is not an easy job. Most of you will talk to her at some point when you order from us. She does a great job and is normally not as crazy looking as she appears to be in all of these pictures!

Chris just joined the team recently, taking over the powder coating position. He handles the tricky job of getting everything looking nice to head out to you guys. He does a very good job, as most of you will find out soon enough, and has taken a huge load of the production. Things have been moving along rather quickly since he joined the team, which means faster turnaround times on everything from our best sellers to customs work. Good news all around!


Nathan Kempter

In a pretty big shop in central Alabama, Slapout to be exact, you will find Kempter Kustoms. What started out as a young guy welding away in his Dad's shop, has turned into three siblings with more than they asked for!

Nathan, 28 years old, the eldest of 6 children, is the head welder and designer. Every hair brained idea that comes about is normally his fault. He use to be able to handle this little business by himself, but things started getting out of control! So he had to hire two of his willing siblings to jump on board and try to keep the ship afloat!

Aside from welding, Nathan is an avid woodworker and gun nut. Can't figure out which he likes more actually. Maybe tennis... he might like that a little better, or is it Alabama football? Don't know.